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Bryce and Joyce were full time RVers traveling in a 36 foot Fleetwood Bounder with two computer desks, one for Joyce, mainly to complete her schooling. She has completed her BS degree in Business/Marketing with Phoenix University. We were in Phoenix for her to receive her diploma in Cardinal Stadium on the 12th of November. She started her quest for an MBA in Marketing in March 2012 and has completed all but three classes and will start the next one Tuesday 18 Feb 2014 and only two more to go finishing about June 2014. <br/><br/>We traveled over 16000 miles and returned to St. George for a short stay before going to Hawaii, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand in January and February 2012.We spent 6 weeks flying around the South Pacific. Think Fiji was our favorite place but enjoyed New Zealand and Kona. Flew around the Big Island in a Cesna 152 and saw a mans home which the big lava flow of several years ago missed and Mr Thompson could get to his home only by Helicopter. About a week after we got back there was another eruption and this time after almost 20 years it took his home this time and they had to evacuate him.<br/><br/>I enjoy working on WomVegas where there are so many interesting friends from all over the world. Looking forward to meeting many of you in March31-April1, 2014 at the 3rd annual convention in Las Vegas. When not traveling or seeing sights I spend most of my time at my computer working on several things, doing a lot of surfing and just plain having a good time.<br/><br/>We are settled down in our home here in St. George, Utah at 345 E. 400 South and are into a routine. We work at the temple Wednesday morning shift from 5AM to 11AM And Thursday Morning from 6AM to Noon and substitute for other workers when they have to be absent. <br/><br/>We joined the Southern Utah Heritage Choir January 2013 and enjoy the experience of singing with a choir of 150-200 voices. It is well established for 20 years and tour the local area and outside of the US. Recently (Oct 2013) went on a 10 day singing tour of Ireland. We would like to have gone but were not in a financial condition to go. Two years ago they went to China.

This week (Feb 12-15 2014)has been a distressful time with funerals of some of our close friends from Bryce's High School Days. Guess when you get to be 83 years old you have to expect that to happen.

We have been called (Jan-2014) to a Mission at the St. George Kindred Care Center where we hold meetings for the patients that cannot leave the center, duties being to bring them in their wheelchairs to meeting and taking them back to their room after the Sacrament Meeting.

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