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Wom Vegas Lounge. These drinks will ONLY be served in the Phil Staudt Las Vegas Party Room. If you are offended by alchohol or "lounge talk" you should not buy a drink here as you will be directed into the Phil Staudt Las Vegas Party Room after the purchase.

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Go directly to the party
Pick out a drink or food item that you want your bartender, Tim Drobnick Sr, to send to Ken Filardo Sr (nuncio23)

Ice Cold Coke - 10 points
Ice Cold Pepsi - 10 points
Ice Cold Pepsi Max - 10 points
Ice Cold Pepsi Zero - 10 points
Ice Cold Pepsi Classic - 10 points
Ice Cold Diet Coke - 10 points
Ice Cold Coke Zero - 10 points
Ice Cold Water - 10 points
Pizza Slice - 20 points
Ice Cold Coors Light - 20 points
Apple Pie Ala Mode - 20 points
Ice Cold Heineken can - 20 points
Ice Cold Heineken bottle - 20 points
Ice Cold Corona - 20 points
Ice Cold Bud Light bottle - 20 points
Ice Cold Bud Light Can - 20 points
Ice Cream - 30 points
Root Beer Float - 30 points
Chicken - Fried Chicken Legs - 40 points
Wine - Glass of Red Wine - 40 points
Shot of Amereto - 50 points
Pina Colada - 50 points
Strawberry Daiquari - 50 points
Bloody Mary - 50 points
Pina Colada - 50 points
Screw Driver - 50 points
Cheesecake - Slice on Plate - 50 points
Hot Juicy Hamburger - 50 points
Shot of Jack Daniels - 50 points
Shot - Jello- Your Choice - 50 points
Shot of Your Choice - 50 points
Shot with Cherry Your Choice - 50 points
Shot - Glow in the Dark Your Choice - 50 points
Fuzzy Navel - 50 points
Margarita Strawberry - 70 points
Margarita Lime - 70 points
Gin and Tonic - 70 points
Martini Cosmopolitan - 80 points
Martini Chocolate - 80 points
Martini Olives, Dry, Shaken not Stirred - 80 points
Martini German Chocolate - 80 points
Martini Red Swerve - 80 points
Jack Daniels & Coke - 80 points
Hot Coffee to Go - 80 points
Hot Coffee in a Mug - 80 points
Martini Onion - 80 points
Hot Coffee Tim Horton - 80 points
Martini Rasberry - 80 points
Martini Peanut Butter - 80 points
Martini Apple - 80 points
Martini Sour Apple - 80 points
Scotch on the Rocks - 100 points
Steak Grilling - 100 points
Steak on a Plate - 100 points
Shot of Tequila with Lime and Salt, Double - 100 points
Champagne - Toasting Glasses - 100 points
Jasmine will serve any top shelf drink of your choice to your table. This includes a tip for Jasmine and the bartender. - 100 points
Wine Bottle of Red Wine - 200 points
Cindy will serve 2 top shelf drinks of your choice to your table. This includes a tip for Cindy and the bartender. - 200 points
Vodka Bottle - Sky - 300 points
Scotch Bottle - Chivas Regal - 400 points
Tequila 1800 - Bottle - 400 points
Scotch Bottle - Blue Label - 400 points
Scotch Bottle - Cuty Sark - 600 points
Scotch Bottle - Old Pulteney - 600 points
Tequila Jose Cuervo - Bottle - 600 points
Tequila Patron - Bottle - 600 points
Vodka Bottle - Grey Goose - 600 points
Scotch Bottle - Glenmorange - 800 points
Scotch Bottle - Clynelish - 800 points
Scotch Bottle - Macallan - 800 points
Dom Perignon Champagne - 1,000 points


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