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Chicago Illinois USA

RUN THE PIER, Chicago One Mile Run/Walk
Reporter: Grant DeNormandie, (Grant_De)

Category: Events
Sub-Category: Sports
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Run, walk or jog one of Chicago's famed Navy Pier on Spetember 18. Start next to the famed ferris wheel, make the wide sweeping turn around the tip of the pier to a view of the Chicago Skyline, run past the shops and docks and smile as you have your photo finish beneath the Navy Pier welcoming arch. All participants receive a souvenir shirt and bib number.

Register: click here

07/17/2011 14:01 EST     Comment   URL   Edit  

This story was contributed and represented by reporter Grant DeNormandie, (Grant_De) as original content. WomVegas.com and P.E.E.L. Inc. do not necessarily agree with this story and will not be held liable for it's content.

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