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2014 Las Vegas Video!

Steve Smiths Team Discussion Room  (32,302,645)

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Steve Smith
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SteveS Georgetta Monroe has created an excellent video to guide you through setting up your own Mini-Orange Lead Site. These sites offer free advertising as well as free leads. There are also 4 prominent paid advertising positions. Get your own Mini-Orange Lead Site Today. click here

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dreamspay womvegas - 2014 Convention Video Please Listen to it. You will be glad you did. click here

I made it a couple of weeks ago but I did not get a chance to post it as much as I wanted to. So Please listen to it and get ready for greatness.

The Red Carpet Party Interviews will help put womvegas to Top.! There will be sales pages made and we will promote promote for the world to see. People will join us. So If you are a City Promoter, Topaz, or Free Member I need you there and on the Red Carpet.
Please Get Registered to come here: click here

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dreamspay Come One Come All! Be there >>>>

We have planned one of the most Exciting womvegas Conventions for March 31st to April 1, 2014. Tim will be Teaching and answering Question. Be there.

April 1, Tuesday, we will be on the Red Carpet with Cece Vance Celebrity Publicist Interviewing our City Promoters and other members at womvegas.

We will be recognizing every member who come to the Red Carpet Party and I mean everyone one of you. So Come on Down!!! You Deserve it.

We have one of the most Hottest Entertainers in Las Vegas, NV, Mr. David Saxman Brown. You will be so entertained by this Gentleman you will forget to clap after he is done with you.. I am telling you he is Awesome!!! Besides nothing but the best for womvegas!

So please get Registered now! Meet me, Tim and your Friends in Las Vegas at our 3rd Sales Agent Meeting. click here

A Winning Team is what the convention is all about! Read here to see what Deanna posted about Winning click here Thanks Deana!!!

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SteveS How many contacts or touches does your prospect need before they buy? The general rule of thumb in sales is that:

Two percent of sales are made on the first contact/touch
Three percent of sales are made on the second contact
Five percent of sales are made on the third contact
10 percent of sales are made on the fourth contact
80 percent of sales are made on the fifth contact

It's generally accepted that on average, you need at least four to seven touches for a sale. So when should you stop touching? When you're asked -- otherwise, you never know when the timing is finally right for a sale.

--Quoted from an article by Brad Sugars

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dreamspay Topaz, City and Zip Code Promoters. I have spend this afternoon preparing these Guides for you. Please take note of them.

If you are thinking about going Topaz or City Promoter, You now have these guides to get you stared. So Don't Wait - Go Topaz - Get A City or Zip Code - and Come to the 3rd Annual Convention to Learn How to Put a Million Bucks in your Pocket. Convention Information on both guides. I will see you on the Beaches of the World. Georgetta Monroe (aka Geo)

TOPAZ Starter Guide: click here
City and Zip Code Starter Guide: click here

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SteveS Thanks so much for the information and all your work on it Georgetta! :)
2013-08-05 14:00:50 Delete

SteveS I highly recommend that you take a look at the outstanding opportunity that we have here at womVegas and wom Town to become a city promoter
click here

It has been my job for many years to evaluate the potential for growth of many different types of businesses. The City Promoter/Zip Code Portal opportunity far exceeds anything I have ever looked at. You have the chance now to get in on the ground floor of something that I expect to become very very big.

Opportunities like this rarely come along. As the City Promoter for a City Portal, you will receive 25% of all Classified Advertising revenue and 50% of all BUSINESS LISTING revenue for that city no matter who buys it or sells it!

Many Cities have already been sold, but there are still some excellent Cities available. To see if a City near you is available click here
If the city that you are interested isn’t listed, send me a message and it most likely can be added.

To learn how you can become a City Promoter click here Read the information and watch the video.

Steve Smith
Master City Promoter for these cities click here

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dreamspay womvegas Convention March 31 - April 1, 2014

If you can dream it, you can do it. –Walt Disney

I love the Conventions! I get to see all my friends from around the world and I continue to learn how to stay at home and work. That's the best part! YAY March 31 and April 1, 2014

Join Our Recognition Party April 1st! It will be a blast. Happening on the last day of the convention in Las Vegas. Las Vegas will never be the Same! LOL LOL Get Registered and Read all about it here click here

Georgetta Monroe, your team leader!

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dreamspay Attention: womvegas Tip from Georgetta Monroe

Now this is very important.

I want each and everyone of you to read this page and make a decision to just do it. click here

Tim has come up with a step by step guide that I am going to follow to build this business even bigger.

Please do not over look this. If you want to put money in your pocket, then have patience, refer to womvegas, follow what Tim has said and most importantly Stay In and Don't Quit!

If you do this persistently and consistently, you will have funds to attend the 2014 Convention and learn even more.

This is why we are promoting the Convention Early, Why we are Promoting to use Tim's Step by Step Guide for you to better your lives and the lives of your Family.

I cannot stress enough to use the guide ok. click here

If you have not seen my Interview with Tim Drobnick, then please listen to the ONE Thing I did to build womvegas successfully and I never Quit. click here


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SteveS Good day to Everyone! I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday!

Focus is important if you want to be successful. Decide on what your plan is for the day/week/month/year and stick to your plan. In today's world it is so easy to get distracted. Block out the distractions and have a laser focus on what you want to achieve.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks, but I do fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. - Bruce Lee

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dreamspay Attenion All womVegas Members!

We have the 2014 Convention Dates: March 31, 2014 to April 1, 2014. Get on Board Everyone! Get Registered Now click here

1. Two Days of Great Training to Enhance your knowledge of womvegas!

2. 5 New 1st Level Members on your 1st Level

3. Access to all the Million Dollar Videos from 2013 Convention and you do want to watch these.

4. Get in Free at the wombling Achievement Party (1st 50 Folks) Live Entertainment featuring Mr. David Saxman Brown. Trust me you will not be sitting down in your seat for long, when the Saxman is performing. He is exciting and full of energy. Read about it here: click here

5. Meet all of your friends at womvegas.

Get Register now: click here

Georgetta Monroe, City Promoter, Purple Diamond Topaz Super Plus Promo Kit Customer

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SteveS Thank you Georgetta! I can't wait for the convention!
2013-07-18 14:00:31 Delete
dreamspay You are welcome Steve! I will see you there April 2014!
2013-07-18 14:11:48 Delete

SteveS Tip: From Georgetta (aka Geo)

Go To your womKarma and look at all the things listed and do them. I know that some of you are not City Promoters or Topaz.

So do what you can and use your womKarma to get organized for the day. womKarma will help you and I stay organized everyday. So that you and I do not feel overwhelmed. Its lots to do here a womvegas. But if you have a plan you can get it done under an hour.

One of the reasons I am so glad to have womKarma because it reminds me what I have to do to be successful each day at womvegas.

Click here to see your womKarma Page click here

Georgetta Monroe, Team Leader, Monroe Downline
Georgetta Monroe

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SteveS Thank you for that valuable advice Georgetta! :)
2013-07-16 12:00:02 Delete

dreamspay Hello womvegas: Geo's Team Update

I want to thank all who Registered so far, to come to the 2014 Convention in April. We will have the dates really soon probably in a day or so. So Stay Tuned. I am looking forward to meeting each and everyone whom I have not met before in person. To all those I have met, I look forward to meeting you again.

For all those that have NOT Pre-Registered please do. The $99 is still good until 9/1/2013. click here

2014 Red Carpet - Achievement Party in Las Vegas! It will be a blast. We will recognized every womvegas Achievement Badge at the Party.

We have Mr. David Saxman Brown, as live entertainment. One of the Hottest Performers in Las Vegas. and he is playing for us. YAY Very nice gentleman! He Loves to Interact with his audience and his show is electrifying and full of energy! Click here to read about the Party click here

I am grateful for my Team - You guys are the Best!

Georgetta Monroe, Team Leader, Lots of Love and Lots of Success

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SteveS Thank you for the update Georgetta. I am so excited for the 2014 convention!
2013-07-16 11:57:45 Delete
dreamspay I am too.. You are very welcome Steve!
2013-07-16 11:59:15 Delete


From Tim Drobnick:

Las Vegas 2014 Convention incentive:

If we get the 20 pre-registration people we need before 9/1/2013 to secure our date, then I will give the first 20 pre-registered people 10 new members from wom vegas moved to their first level.

At other Sites You will pay way more for 10 good members! Take the Deal plus registration will be going up. This is a Win Win Situation.

Click here to register: click here

Georgetta Monroe, Team Leader for the Monroe Downline!

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SteveS Good morning and happy Sunday to everyone :)

Here is what is recommended for you to succeed with WOM Vegas:

Every member at womVegas who wants to receive commission must become a Free Sales Agent! Here is the Link: click here

1. Watch Easy Way to Earn $810 per month or More Video. This Video will Tell you everything you need to know to earn Top Dollar at Womvegas click here

2. Scroll down to the Bottom of this page to Become a Topaz Promo Kit Customer click here and Immediately Turn Candace on! click here Turn on your IBC Chat Box Go To Accounts then Scroll down to #21c and Click the words: My Instant Chat Marketing

3. Pick one or two of the multiple ways to make money online with WOM Vegas and learn everything about it. Do Not Stress Yourself out trying to learn everything at one Time. You will not be Happy!

4. Start Right Away Recruiting people who want to make money online, and tell them to do the same. Get Your Referral Links Here: click here

Plan your work and work your plan. WOM Vegas is a progressive and growing website that is built to last for people who enjoy making money online, with continuous and innovative ways to use social media for marketing.

WOM Vegas will not work for you unless you are willing to do the work, and learn the system by watching the videos. I strongly recommend that you watch the Videos, Use the Products and Refer to your Permanent Downline! That is the Way to Do it.

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SteveS Recently Lori and I had the opportunity to attend a seminar put on by Big Al in Lincoln Nebraska. Many have of you have heard Tim talk about Big Al. Big Al is a legend at helping individuals and organizations with prospecting and increasing sales. Tim has shared much of what I will be posting here with you in the past. This is a good reminder for us.

Big Al put on a heck of a presentation. It lasted 3 hours but seemed like it was only a few minutes. He is really good at what he does and I believe we can be more effective in our recruiting by following his words of wisdom. Here are some of my notes from the conference:

5 words that will get you a no nearly every time – Would you be interested in…

5 words that will get you a yes 97% of the time - Would it be okay if…. Example: Would it be okay if I showed you a two minute video that may change your life.

2 word phrases that can turn things around and get your prospects attention –

Most people…. Example: Most people like to advertise at womVegas.

Everybody knows….Example: Everybody knows that womVegas is a great place to advertise.

Everybody says…Example: Everybody says that womVegas is a great place to earn an extra paycheck.

Some phrases that get peoples attention –
There is an old saying….
Well you know how….

Big Al talked a lot about speaking to your prospects subconscious mind and how to take control. These phrases are designed to do just that:

I have some good news and some bad news....(the survival instinct kicks in)

There are two types of people in the world...(freezes the mind)

I just found out... such as I just found out to get an extra paycheck...(The answer to this is always - How?)

There is a catch...(freezes the mind and gets instant attention)

I am just curious...(freezes the brain and gets instant attention)

For an instant close:

So what is going to be easier for you...(makes it rejection free and it is about them)

So to bring it all together:

Most people are looking for a way to make some extra money. Everybody knows that womVegas is a great place to advertise. Everybody says the womVegas is the perfect place to make an extra paycheck. So would it be okay if I show you a two minute video that may change your life.

Of course there are many other ways to use and put these phrases together. Happy prospecting womVegas leaders :)

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SteveS Happy Saturday to everyone. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Be sure to check out the womVegas News to getting the latest updates on everything womVegas click here

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SteveS Have you heard about the newest way to make an income on womVegas? The email/phone marketing system allows City Promoters and Topaz members to earn money two ways: One method is adding business listings for a City Directory. The other way is contacting businesses to encourage them to receive emails about womTown and their listing.

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dreamspay Hi Steve! I agree !! I am very excited about it!
2013-04-17 15:53:09 Delete
Dale_Athay Great info, thank you Steve :))
2013-04-17 15:54:59 Delete
SteveS Thank you Georgetta and Dale :)
2013-04-18 01:17:15 Delete

SteveS Build a Million Dollar Income as a City Promoter

Zip Codes $10.00, $9.95 Cities, $26.99 Cities and $59.99 Cities

Click here for cities $125 and up: click here

Make sure to get your Convention Videos to Learn about the New Exciting Updates and How to Hire and Train people that will Build Your Million Dollar Income. I am very excited about this! click here

Our Leader Timothy L. Drobnick, Sr. has made it very clear that we can obtain the status of Millionaires as City Promoters. Incredible! Will you be one of them?

Also, Listen to what Georgetta Monroe, had to say about going Purple Diamond at our 2013 Convention

and Following Mr. Drobnick's teachings.

Your Team Leader Steve Smith, Master City Promoter for over 60 cities. click here

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leonco Sounds good Steve!
2013-04-11 17:28:53 Delete
SteveS Thank you Leon! :)
2013-04-11 17:55:14 Delete

SteveS City and Zip Code Portals are HOT!

Just in case you were wondering, there are plenty cities left as well as Zip Codes!

Check out this list of the most popular Cities left! click here

Don't miss your chance to get in on the ground floor of womTown before it explodes!

Steve Smith, Promoter of over 60 Cities

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LoriS They are a smart investment in your future! Thanks Steve!
2013-04-15 21:52:40 Delete

Selmar Hi Steve Great day to be a Wommie

2013-04-11 02:55:58     Delete URL     Top
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SteveS Hi Mark! I absolutely agree! :-)
2013-04-11 14:10:20 Delete


Hello Team, Just in case you were wondering there are plenty cities left as well as Zip Codes!

I have put together a list of the most popular Cities Left!

Go Here to see the most popular cities: click here

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SteveS Start Thinking About Attending Our 3rd womVegas Convention!

For anyone that plans on building a truly large business here at womVegas and/or womTown, I highly recommend attending one of our conferences. You won't understand the value you receive until you experience it first hand.

The life long friendships, all the valuable information shared, and the fun and laughter are something I will never forget.

2013-04-10 12:51:55     Delete URL     Top
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dreamspay Steve thanks for your post! Has made my day! I totally agree with you. Please come to the next one. Start saving now. That is what I am doing. It is sooooooooo worth it.
2013-04-10 13:05:03 Delete
drobnick And learn how to play craps.
2013-04-11 03:11:28 Delete

SteveS womWednesdays #WW

If you have not done so, Go to Accounts then #42 and start Making your list for womVegas Wednesdays at Twitter or click here

The Training Video has been added and all you need to do is watch it and start making your lists at Twitter.
This is what you do after you make your list at Twitter: click here

Every Wednesday, we will do womVegas Wednesday at Twitter. I will see you there.

2013-04-10 10:59:35     Delete URL     Top
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LoriS Great reminder for womWednesday Steve! Thanks!
2013-04-10 11:07:30 Delete
Dale_Athay Cheers Mr Steve :)) much appreciated.
2013-04-10 11:18:41 Delete
SteveS You are welcome Lori and Dale. Have a super Wednesday! :)
2013-04-10 11:53:32 Delete
dreamspay Let's Do it womVegas!
2013-04-10 13:05:32 Delete

SteveS Happy Friday to all my Friends!!

Here is something you will want to do, if you haven't already:

Create Your Viral Video Today

1. Upload, Change, or Delete Your Graphic Advertisements

2. See Your Ad Spot Statistics

Viral Video's are hot at womvegas and overtime can help you build your downline.

Google Hangout: How To Create A Viral Video - click here

Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to view this Hangout!

Create one today Free Right here at womVegas

Go Here: click here

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LoriS Love the viral videos! Thanks for the info Steve!
2013-04-05 12:33:49 Delete

SteveS Your Virtual Assistant Miss Candace....

REMINDER: Topaz Regular, Topaz Plus and Topaz Super Plus Members!

If you want Candace to continue to work for you don't forget to turn her on every 7 Days!
click here

2013-03-29 16:03:15     Delete URL     Top
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duffys Thank you for reminder Mr. Steve.
2013-03-29 16:05:39 Delete
dreamspay Thanks Steve!
2013-03-29 16:38:40 Delete

SteveS So you think you cannot afford to get a City, or Become Opal or Topaz Promo Kit Customers?

Well here is a good way to get a $10 Zip Code Portal or a $9.99 City. GO GO GO! You can earn free money from these contests. What are you waiting for? Just do it.!!!!

Contest #1 To Get Details on how to win click here

$1,000.00 for 1st place

$1,000.00 for 2nd place

$1,000.00 for 3rd place

$250.00 4th through 10th places

$100.00 11th through 20th places

Crazy Contest #2 To Get Details on how to win click here

$150.00 for 1st place

$50.00 for 2nd place

$50.00 for 3rd place

$10.00 4th through 10th places

$5.00 11th through 20th places

Crazy Contest #3 To Get Details on how to Get Free Mobile Deals Credits click here

The Crazy wom Surf Promoter Contest #4 To Get Details on how to win click here

$30.00 for 1st place

$30.00 for 2nd place

$30.00 for 3rd place

$10.00 4th through 10th places

$5.00 11th through 20th places

The Crazy wom Classifieds Contest #5 To Get Details on how to win click here
$50.00 for 1st place

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LoriS Great post Steve! Thanks for the info!
2013-03-28 11:37:31 Delete
dreamspay Save your Commissions from these Contest and Get that City or Zip Code Portal you want. Make your dreams come true and I will see you on the beaches of the world!
2013-03-30 14:34:49 Delete

dreamspay Hi my womVegas Family - I want to say, just by following what Mr. Tim L. Drobnick has set up for us here at womVegas will take us on a journey of making our dreams come true. What is your dream? Have you written it down. Is it somewhere you can see it. Mine is on the refrigerator door.

Believe in yourself and have faith. Some days are up and some days are down. I have those days too. One thing I know if you give up, there is nothing to be gain. Make a Decision for yourself today whatever it is and then just do it. Take baby steps along the way. Baby Steps will bring you closer to your dreams.

If you want to go Topaz... Go Topaz
If you want to become a City Promoter - Be a City Promoter
If you want to become a Master City Promoter - Be a Master City Promoter
If you want to become a Zip Code Portal City Promoter then do that.

Get Started somewhere on your dreams. Tim has made it very affordable for you to pick one of the above to do this. Time is clicking and we are not getting any younger here! LOL We must make a decision to take control and make our dreams come true.

Georgetta Monroe, Team Leader and Topaz Plus and Purple Diamond!

2013-03-22 14:28:52     Delete URL     Top
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dreamspay Hi Steve Thanks for letting me post this in your room and thanks for having this Room!
2013-03-22 14:29:27 Delete
SteveS Thank you for the excellent post Georgetta! :)
2013-03-28 11:25:14 Delete

SteveS Free Tools To Help You Grow Your Business at womVegas

1. Tim's Tweet Factory - click here

2. Crazy Contests to Earn Free - Scroll down on This Page to View click here

3. womvegas Wednesdays Training Videos on Page - click here

4. womvegas Chat Rooms To Post Your Business Free - click here

5. womvegas - All Google Hangouts By Timothy L. Drobnick, Sr. - click here

6. womvegas - All Google Hangout by Georgetta Monroe - click here

7. Downline Chat Rooms For Extra Support from your Sponsor
(Make Sure You Join the Correct Downline Chat) click here

2013-03-21 11:18:12     Delete URL     Top
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Selmar Hi Steve Great to hear that Twitter is getting results

2013-03-18 06:28:50     Delete URL     Top
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SteveS Thank you Mark! I think womWednesday is going to be huge for us.
2013-03-21 11:19:39 Delete

SteveS We have a business that contacted us because they saw us on Social Media Sites and they wanted to enter a listing to promote their event in Denver this weekend.

We made them a featured biz for today, so we would love to have you all help us promote them. click here

2013-03-15 14:22:59     Delete URL     Top
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Bobsbiz Hi Steve, Just done it on all 4 of my Accounts, and have been Tweeting it several times daily ;)

2013-03-15 14:32:12 Delete

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