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2014 Las Vegas Video!

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amymc things sure have changed at Wom Vegas since I was in here before!! I don't see near all the stuff I used to on the right side menu and some of the stuff like the golden elevator and Cloud Canyon links are no longer on the left of the home page. Used to, you could navigate to anything Wom from that first page. You can't now. I am totally lost. lol

2017-05-13 13:42:28     Comment   Delete
dreamspay we are updating womvegas and will not have a lot of the stuff we used to have.
We are making the site more simple to use with less products. But you will like what we are about to to. Stay tuned.
2017-05-13 13:50:20 Delete
amymc Okay. I just posted another comment. You just answered my concern. What things are you not offering any more?
2017-05-13 13:52:54 Delete
dreamspay Amy you will just have to wait and see.
2017-05-13 14:19:11 Delete

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