WomVegas 2015 Convention for new Cloud Canyon product line

You can see the recording of the 2015 convention FREE here:


A Diamond Director can buy at wholesale 50% off of retail. A Diamond Director never has to requalify to be a Director again as they are Diamond Director for life.

Here are the different levels of wholesale pricing:

1. A free Sales Agent can buy at 15% off of retail.
2. A Consultant can buy at 35% off of retail.
3. A Director can buy at 45% off of retail.
4. A Diamond Director can buy at 50% off of retail.

Anyone can get an additional 5% off of retail if they purchase $2,500 or more.

See the Cloud Canyon Luxurious Candle, Bath & Body Products:

Here is where you can buy at wholesale:

Everyone can have a free Sales Page at CloudCanyon.com to sell at retail online or to use for fundraising and the party plan.

To get your free Sales Page go activate it at:

If you have questions about getting started with Cloud Canyon please come to our support room at:


If you like, call me on my cell phone at 1(614) 477-5215 if you have more questions.

Thank you!

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