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2014 Las Vegas Video!

Coffee Shop Lounge, views: (32,475,909)
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L  G  M  F
Radwin Here is a quote I read just now, which I am sharing - The important thing is not
being afraid to take a chance.
Remember, the greatest failure
is to not try. Once you find
something you love to do, be
the best at doing it.
- Debbi Fields

2014-09-01 09:56:51     URL     Top
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LoriS Nice quote! And so true! Have a great day Radhakrishnan. =)
2014-09-01 11:42:47<
Dhali_Lalu True!
2014-09-01 13:55:50<
drobnick Very good. And if you love doing it how can you fail?
2014-09-01 14:19:32<

L  G  M  F
It is time to play a New wom Vegas Bingo Game! A new game is starting now! Click here to play!

2014-09-01 07:47:02     URL     Top
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L  G  M  F
Radhakrishnan. T.N. (Radwin) has just won a game of Wom Vegas Bingo and Since you are not a Promo Kit customer you win 1000 points.

FYI, if you were a Promo Kit customer you would have earned 2000 points points!
Play bingo with your friends.

2014-09-01 07:46:09     URL     Top
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L  G  M  F
dalew Good morning every one!

2014-09-01 07:43:49     URL     Top
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LoriS Hi Dale!
2014-09-01 11:42:56<
drobnick hi dale
2014-09-01 14:19:38<

L  G  M  F

Bobsbiz Good Morning Everyone :))

2014-09-01 07:34:19     URL     Top
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LoriS Hi Bob! =)
2014-09-01 11:43:07<
drobnick yo bob
2014-09-01 14:19:43<

L  G  M  F
Radwin How to join/play the Memory Match game ? I look for guidance from the experts of the game .

2014-09-01 05:32:02     URL     Top
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Bobsbiz Hi Rad, Go click here

2014-09-01 07:36:36<
Bobsbiz Sorry Rad, seems that link is not working, Click on MEMORY GAME in Purple Writing in Menu on Right.
2014-09-01 07:37:51<
Radwin Hi Bob, Thank you for the info - but When I checked the site/page, it says, the tournament is over So when can try the game ? And how is it played ?
2014-09-01 09:59:21<
LoriS Hi Radhakrishnan, the point of the game is to find the 2 matching pictures. Once you find one matching pair, then try for another. As you match them, you will see an ad slowly be revealed in the background. As soon as you match them all, then you have to click on 2 ads to collect your points or match sticks. Depending on the time of day, you receive more points for matching all the pictures correctly.
2014-09-01 11:46:38<

L  G  M  F
kevan_brock Good day folks. Hope you all have a great day here in WomVegas. I wish you all well. Keep up the good work see you at the top.

2014-09-01 05:29:39     URL     Top
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Bobsbiz Hi Kevan
2014-09-01 07:38:05<
LoriS Hi Kevan!
2014-09-01 11:46:49<
drobnick gm kevan
2014-09-01 14:20:01<

L  G  M  F
arpad kovacs (husky21) has just won this weeks tournament for Wom Vegas Bingo and 2000000 points! In addition the winner receives 50 Auto Post credits
50 Platinum Ad credits
250 Paid Surf Site credits
Play bingo with your friends.

2014-09-01 03:00:03     URL     Top
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L  G  M  F

dreamspay Welcome To womVegas!! Here is what is recommended for you to succeed with WOM Vegas:

1. Go to the Black Diamond Express and Start with Video #1 and go through every Floor to see what you have in your hands. click here

2. Pick one or two of the multiple ways to make money online with WOM Vegas and learn everything about it. Do Not Stress Yourself out trying to learn everything at one Time. You will not be Happy!

3. Start Right Away Recruiting people who want to make money online, and tell them to do the same. Get Your Referral Links Here: click here

Plan your work and work your plan. WOM Vegas is a progressive and growing website that is built to last for people who enjoy making money online, with continuous and innovative ways to use social media for marketing.

WOM Vegas will not work for you unless you are willing to do the work, and learn the system by watching the videos. I strongly recommend that you watch the Videos, Use the Products and Refer to your Permanent Downline! That is the Way to Do it.

2014-08-31 23:23:20     URL     Top
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levi Thanks Geo!
2014-09-01 01:55:12<

L  G  M  F
levi Good afternoon everyone!

2014-08-31 19:29:52     URL     Top
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APalmer Good evening Levi!
2014-08-31 21:00:08<
LoriS Hey Levi!
2014-08-31 21:30:51<
levi hi Anthony, Hello Lori!!
2014-08-31 23:02:59<
dreamspay Hello Levi
2014-08-31 23:12:10<
levi Hello Geo!
2014-08-31 23:19:05<

L  G  M  F
aaabrown Tim:
Good Afternoon...

I still am not able to upload a 125 x 125 banner for my viral videos.

If I create a new Viral video and there is no banner in my
125 x 125 position, when the site gets corrected and I can add one, will it show up immediately as the video gets shared?

2014-08-31 14:07:04     URL     Top
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drobnick Ann, you still did not answer my last question on your other post,

click here

2014-08-31 19:19:33<
freedomgate dear Tim - I have the same experience as Ann -- here is the url where the message appears -- click here

2014-08-31 23:14:16<
drobnick what is the name of the file you are trying to uplaod?
2014-08-31 23:39:02<
freedomgate Dear Tim:

I don't think the name of the files is relevant here.
I don't even get a chance to upload any file.

I want to change the 468 x 60 Banner and the 125 x125 banner right under the video I just created.
Steps I took:
1] I go to the Viral Video Advertising Control Panel.
2] I create my new video.
3] I click on #7 Upload, change, or Delete Your graphic Advertisements
On the next page there is a link to change th 468 x 60 ad
Click here to upload a new 468 x 60 banner advertisement.

When I click this link the screen says:
mysql_errno(): mysql_error()

The URL is click here

It does not allow us seemingly to change the 2 banner ads in the video that we created ...

I want to change the banner to redirect to a clickbank product I want to market ...

Thanks in Advance for your help ...
2014-09-01 07:16:43<
drobnick the name of the file is very relevant. Please tell me what it is.
2014-09-01 14:20:33<

L  G  M  F
dalew Good morning! Everyone have a blessed day!

2014-08-31 10:06:29     URL     Top
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aaabrown Hello Dale!
2014-08-31 14:08:51<
dreamspay Hi Dale
2014-08-31 23:12:19<

L  G  M  F
levi Good night everyone!

2014-08-31 07:44:05     URL     Top
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L  G  M  F
freedomgate Hello ALL - I am new here at WOM and just getting around to understand the numerous (overwhelming) opportunities being offered.

2014-08-31 05:51:47     URL     Top
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dalew Welcome! You will meet alot people here! Have fun! Great opportunities.
Posted by smart phone type - android
2014-08-31 11:04:21<
freedomgate Thank you Dale for warm welcome. Have a blessed day!
2014-08-31 23:09:52<
dreamspay Hello Rickey! Great to have you here
2014-08-31 23:11:59<
freedomgate Thank you Georgetta -- I am honored to get a message from one of the successful people here at WOM, I am sure that I will learn much from you -- God bless you today!
2014-08-31 23:17:10<
dreamspay Thanks Rickey! I look forward to getting to know you.
2014-08-31 23:21:50<

L  G  M  F
kevan_brock Good day to all. I hope you all have a great day.
Above it all make sure you enjoy it and remember to make a bit of family time as well. Most important that is. :-)

2014-08-31 05:14:16     URL     Top
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dreamspay Hello Kevan
2014-08-31 23:12:31<

L  G  M  F
@freedomgate has just posted for the very first time in Coffee Shop Chat. Please welcome Ricky Samson.

2014-08-31 04:44:07     URL     Top
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aaabrown Welcome to Womvegas and to the Coffee Shop, Ricky!
2014-08-31 14:08:00<
freedomgate Thank you Ann Brown for warm welcome. Have a blessed day
2014-08-31 23:04:06<

L  G  M  F
beyus hi every body on site

2014-08-31 04:41:53     URL     Top
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aaabrown Hey Hey, Adebayo!
2014-08-31 14:08:34<

L  G  M  F
dawnmeyers Good Day everyone. Just got home from a wonderful day at the Atlantic City Beach with my kids.

2014-08-31 00:34:22     URL     Top
 Tweet This   Share   Digg This   Stumble
drobnick That is great!!
2014-08-31 01:29:57<
dreamspay Hello Dawn
2014-08-31 23:22:20<

L  G  M  F
kevan_brock Hi there Geo and good night all as it is 1:27am here catch you all tomorrow yours that is

2014-08-30 20:27:49     URL     Top
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drobnick GN Kevan
2014-08-30 21:20:24<
levi goodnight Kevan!
2014-08-30 23:40:26<
dawnmeyers Good Night Kevan
2014-08-31 00:33:29<
kevan_brock :)

2014-08-31 05:12:59<

L  G  M  F
levi Good afternoon everyone

2014-08-30 20:10:51     URL     Top
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drobnick Hi Levi
2014-08-30 21:20:29<
levi Hi Tim
2014-08-30 23:39:59<

L  G  M  F

dreamspay A Big Warm Welcome to All New Members!

Things To Know Right Away
You Must Become a Free Sales Agent to Earn Money at womvegas. All you need to do is fill out the requested info on the form!

Sales Agent Form: click here
Free Downline click here
Easy Start Guide: click here
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Picture Profile add it here: click here
Your womvegas Referral Links: click here
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About Your Profile Info: click here
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Topaz Upgrade: click here
City Promoter Info: click here

How To Respond to Posts in the Coffee Shop and Chat Rooms around womvegas: Click the Word Comment right underneath any Chat Post to respond to a post made by yourself or anyone else. This is so you do not have to start a new chat every time and all information will be under 1 chat post.

No Advertising Post are allowed in the Coffee Shop!

2014-08-30 15:23:19     URL     Top
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L  G  M  F

dreamspay Good Evening Everyone!

Being happy does not mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections. ~ Unknown ~

Make it a Great Day!!!!

2014-08-30 15:22:09     URL     Top
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drobnick Hi Geo
2014-08-30 21:20:37<

L  G  M  F

Bobsbiz Good Evening Everyone :))

2014-08-30 13:16:36     URL     Top
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drobnick hi bob
2014-08-30 13:29:31<
Bobsbiz Hello Tim, happy weekend !
2014-08-30 13:30:12<
LoriS Hi Bob! =)
2014-08-30 14:00:44<
Bobsbiz Hi L.Lori ;))
2014-08-30 14:36:54<
dreamspay Good Evening Bob!
2014-08-30 15:22:22<
Bobsbiz Hi There Geo !
2014-08-30 16:49:01<

L  G  M  F
kevan_brock Good day all here at womvegas. Hope you all have a great day and great weekend

2014-08-30 05:03:17     URL     Top
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drobnick hi kevan, thank you.
2014-08-30 09:03:18<
kevan_brock Hi there Tim no problem my friend. I wish everyone in here well and a great day all the time really. There is enough stress in this world of ours already. So I just wish every one a stress free time. :)

2014-08-30 09:23:44<
LoriS Hi Kevan! Happy Weekend =)
2014-08-30 10:59:04<
kevan_brock Thank you very much hope you have a good one also.
Be good

2014-08-30 12:17:27<
Bobsbiz Hi Kevan
2014-08-30 13:16:50<
kevan_brock Hi there Bob Hope you are well.

2014-08-30 14:16:57<
dreamspay Hello to ya Kevan
2014-08-30 15:22:36<

L  G  M  F
amakphil Thanks Georgetta but Mr Drobnick answered my questions in a chat session. Will watch that movie you mentioned though as I am pretty new to Twitter

2014-08-30 00:30:32     URL     Top
 Tweet This   Share   Digg This   Stumble
dreamspay You are very welcome Archie.. Yes I do explain a lot about twitter on the google hangout.. It would be good to view it.. If you have questions please come back to the coffee shop or click my pic, that will take you to my profile page, there you can send me a personal message.
2014-08-30 00:38:17<
drobnick good luck Archie.
2014-08-30 09:03:34<
Bobsbiz Hi Archie
2014-08-30 13:17:15<

L  G  M  F
Radwin Hi Good Morning , everybody !

2014-08-29 23:12:25     URL     Top
 Tweet This   Share   Digg This   Stumble
levi Hello Radha!
2014-08-30 00:21:19<
Radwin Hi Levi , How are u ? Hope everything back to normalcy here at Wom , thanks to Tim's continous efforts !
2014-08-30 01:03:32<
levi I am good thank you Radha. Yes, Tim come through every time no matter who comes to make trouble.

2014-08-30 01:49:08<
drobnick gm Rad
2014-08-30 09:03:43<
LoriS Hi there Radhakrishnan! Happy weekend =)
2014-08-30 10:59:50<
Radwin Hi ! Happy weekend to you Lori , Tim and all here !
2014-08-30 11:03:50<
Bobsbiz Hi Rad
2014-08-30 13:17:31<

L  G  M  F
amakphil Hello you all. The name is Archie and I am new to womVegas and the Tim Tweet opportunity. I need clarifications on a few things. Can I get some help here ?

2014-08-29 22:24:17     URL     Top
 Tweet This   Share   Digg This   Stumble
dreamspay Hi Archie Can you tell me what it is you need to know! So I can bettter help you.

Also please click the word: COMMENT right beneath your post and respond to me. This way we can keep the conversation under this post.
2014-08-29 22:30:00<
dreamspay Well I made a google hangout movie on Tim's Tweet Factory. In this movie I am very detailed.. It may answer your Question.. click here

If not please leave me a personal message with the things you need help with here click here
2014-08-29 22:33:03<
dreamspay By the Way I am Georgetta Monroe and it is nice to meet you. You are in my downline!
2014-08-29 22:38:09<
drobnick HI Archie, welcome.

Go ahead and ask your questions.
2014-08-29 22:52:56<
levi Hi Archie, message me maybe I can help @levi
2014-08-30 00:31:01<

L  G  M  F
@amakphil has just posted for the very first time in Coffee Shop Chat. Please welcome Archie Phillips.

2014-08-29 22:24:17     URL     Top
 Tweet This   Share   Digg This   Stumble

L  G  M  F

drobnick I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

2014-08-29 21:05:40     URL     Top
 Tweet This   Share   Digg This   Stumble
dreamspay Hey Tim!!! Hope are not working too hard buddy! LOL
2014-08-29 22:34:01<
levi Thanks. You too Tim!
2014-08-29 22:37:08<
drobnick well. not too hard.

2014-08-30 09:04:10<
LoriS Happy Labor Day Weekend Tim!
2014-08-30 11:00:33<
Bobsbiz Thanks Tim, the very same to you and yours ;)
2014-08-30 13:18:05<

L  G  M  F
levi Good afternoon everyone!

2014-08-29 20:08:06     URL     Top
 Tweet This   Share   Digg This   Stumble
dreamspay Hi Levi
2014-08-29 20:46:51<
levi Hi Geo!
2014-08-29 21:01:12<
drobnick hi levi!
2014-08-29 21:05:04<
levi Hi Tim!
2014-08-29 22:26:04<

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