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TK Hi Frank, I will be out tonight, Friday, but will be around all day Saturday. Thanks :))

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TK Hello Wom Members, please join
our new Topaz411 Team Build Chat Room:

click here

Thanks TK :))

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TK Can 4 dollars Really create an income for life!
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TK Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!
click here

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TK Q. How Do I put in my Picture or Avatar

A. Go to Accounts up Top to the Right of your screen, Next under Under Important Area, Scroll down to #5 Avatar and upload your picture there.

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TK ALL MY First Level
Please join my Downline Chat Room, so I may assist you better.
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To find out if you are in My First Level, click on your profile and
click on Sponsor, if you see my picture, I am your sponsor.

We have created the Downline Network of Sponsor Chat Rooms for youto find your sponsor.
That is the person who referred you here. Please
join the Downline Network of Sponsor Chat Room to find who your
sponsor is and join their Chat Room. click here

Thanks, TK

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Teresa_TK Pittsburgh Pa. Fan Page click here

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Teresa_TK Like our racing fan page click here

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Teresa_TK Here at womvegas we have 2 Levels of Promo Kits

Opal Promot Kits $25/mo See the details click here

For Topaz we have 3 levels of Topaz Promo Kits
Topaz, Topaz Plus and Topaz SUper Plus

Get the details here: click here

Listen to Google Hangout for Regular Topaz: click here

Go Opal ** Go Topaz ** Either way we will see you on the Beaches of the World!

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