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2014 Las Vegas Video!

This property is available for purchase. You will need to have enough funds in escrow.

Land Description: Lot for building a casino.
Address: 10 Reno Ave.
Purchase: 25,000,000 points.
Taxes: 2,500 points monthly.

See Inventory List

Return to Wom Vegas Strip

Purchase Inventory for Your Property

You may build a fine casino on Reno Ave. After you purchase this property with points, you will own this exact space on the wom Vegas Strip for as long as you pay your taxes which are 2,500 points per month. You are allowed to get as far behind as 6 months on your taxes before you would lose your property in a tax foreclosure.

The address of this property is 10 Reno Ave, and is facing Reno Ave. The price of this property is 25,000,000 points.

Properties facing the Wom Vegas Strip are the most expensive. Properties facing the side streets are less expensive, and become even less expensive the further away from the strip it is located.

If you do not have enough points to purchase property, you can transfer them to an escrow account that will never expire. Points you may spend otherwise expire after 45 days if you do not use them, but you protect yourself from this by transfering them to an escrow account to purchase property on the Wom Vegas Strip. This is a way for you to save up enough points to purchase property. You cannot hold any particular piece of property while building your escrow account. You will need to purchase what is available at the time you can afford it.

Once you purchase property you may then begin building on it. There will be fees and permits to purchase, then the foundation, scaffolding costs, building each floor, parking, etc.

During this time there will be taxes on the property you must maintain to Wom Vegas.

Once you have completed your building, hiring your staff, etc, there will be a way for you to start gaining income of points from your property.

If you want to transfer some of your points to a escrow click here.

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