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womVegas and Me
Hi, I am Georgeta Monroe
This Is My Story and Interview

womVegas is the first social network I have joined and decided to stay. I am very excited about promoting womVegas. I got introduce to the site by Cathy who asked me twice to join. I finally  said OK. I never expected a place where people were so friendly, I could join in any chat I wanted to and send a well deserved friend a gift. I felt right at home.

womVegas and me is about how I really feel about being a part of something so exciting! Never at any job have I been recognized for all the duties I performed. Here at womVegas you get recognized for whatever you do. Never have I had so many friends all over the world who care about one another... here at womVegas I do. I get to play fun games, advertise my business while saying hello to people I am proud to have in my life.

WOW! I am in the climb of my life, and while I am climbing I am having so much fun that I hardly know I am climbing. I am climbing with all my special friends at womVegas.  We were all here from the beginning and we are still here.. and I am proud to be your friend.. I thank you

So you see, womvegas is just not all about business, but if you want to grow your business and make new contacts and friends I suggest you join womVegas and get involved.

So, if you are new here, or just joining womvegas, go to the Coffee Shop, introduce yourself to all the wonderful people at womvegas, get involved and lets make this climb together as friends.  You will love it here. Join the In Crowd at womvegas!   Join Here Free and Get 100 UniqueBanner Views

womvegas and Me
Georgetta Monroe, Topaz Plus Super, Double Diamond MemberDiamond MemberGeorgetta Monroe
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